As a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, you may use our Proud Community Supporter logo, but before you get started, please make sure to read our guidelines below about our logo and its use.


The Proud Community Supporter logo is to be used only by those fundraising for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

  • Only use the official Proud Community Supporter logo files in the original format and colours supplied. No other Breast Cancer Foundation NZ logos are allowed to be used.
  • Please make sure you check in with the fundraising team prior to distributing any promotional collateral with our logo. We just want to make sure it aligns with our brand and has been used appropriately.
  • Please refer to the Foundation as “Breast Cancer Foundation NZ” on any collateral.

By using our Proud Community Supporter Logo, you accept our Terms and Conditions.

Brand Guidelines

Proud Community Supporter Logo 

Any questions?

If you have any questions about using the Pink Ribbon Breakfast logo, please get in touch with us at fundraising@bcf.org.nz