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Ben Mason

Dunedin, Otago

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Losing Mum to Breast Cancer in 2007 has been the biggest impact on my life. I now have, and always will have a strong relationship with cancer for as long as I live. Throughout 2020 so far there have been so many things go wrong starting with coronavirus, to others of which more personal. It got me thinking about mum and how I could turn the year around into something good. With a close connection to cancer, I decided I wanted to raise awareness and money for the Breast Cancer Foundation by completing a 1000km coastal row.

So what's a better way to prove it’s a worthy cause than living at sea and attempting a huge coastal row, in a ‘Swift Coastal Rowing’ boat (boat suppliers). Coastal rowing is an extremely grueling and dangerous task. I could have rowed for 24 hours, around a lake, or even row for a week but what I do isn’t important, it’s why I’m doing it that’s important. This coastal row out of Auckland along the north islands east coast, will no doubt have roadblocks and seem impossible at times, that’s no different to mums journey with cancer.

One of Mum's life goals was to live 80 years not 36, therefore everyday rowing will be for one of the years Mum was extremely unlucky to have missed out on, whilst also doing something never done before in her honor. I’m also doing this to raise money to potentially save someone else’s mother, but also on a broader scale help motivate all breast cancer patients even 1% more for when the tough days come around for them too.

Every year, 3,300 Kiwis are diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 650 will die. The money raised will help fund groundbreaking work by some of our countries top breast cancer researchers, educate people about breast health, and provide free support services for breast cancer patients and their families.

If you are in a position to donate it would mean a great deal to me please, my family, and current families fighting breast cancer as well as future families too.

If you would like to follow my progress I have created a Facebook page called: row for breast cancer

I’ll post each night how far I got and anything else worth sharing!


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Great stuff at NZ Champs, love the hats!
Mums are so important Ben, what a wonderful way to remember yours.
Good on you mate
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