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Jamie Whitehead

Remuera , Auckland

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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.

A few years ago, I did a shave for breast cancer, since then the beard length has got a bit longer. So with the bigger stakes, I figured I'd do it again!

A bit of a snapshot to pull on your heartstrings, and hopefully open your wallet...

When I was almost 7 my Mum lost the fight to breast cancer. At that age there's not a huge amount I remember about her, but I am lucky enough to have retained a few memories of her, as fragmented and brief as they may be.

If we can raise $2000, I’m shaving my head and beard, just to clarify 😅

Nine women a day are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand. The money I raise from this page will be used to fund vital research projects and medical grants to help improve the survivorship of breast cancer in New Zealand. It will also help support kiwi women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer through services such as counselling and rehabilitation programmes.

All of these things not only help the women living with breast cancer, but also the people around them living with them, as they go through it.

Please consider making a donation today, anything will help. I cannot do this alone but with your support we can make a difference.

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You're an amazing soul! Thank you for donating to a beautiful cause.
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