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For Cora.

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Corazon Owen was a lot of things to people, she was a loving wife to my Father, a cherished sister to my Uncles and Aunties, a Confidant to her close friends and a Daughter worthy of praise to my Grandparents.

To me however, she was my Superhero. She literally saved my life.

When I was very young my Mum left the Philippines in search of a better future for me and my Family. She sacrificed so much, working tirelessly, away form home, not knowing many people and not being able to see anyone for 2 years.

I remember getting the call, the 1st time we found out she had Breast cancer. She was more worried about me finishing my studies then she was about herself. I should have been there more for her but I was scared. She was my Superhero after all and aren't Superheros supposed to be Invincible?

She was strong enough to fight Breast Cancer off 2 times but unfortunately she passed away June 3rd 2016.

I never got to truly show her or thank her for all her sacrifices. Her ethics and values stay with me to this day and have made me the Man I am. I wanted to dedicate this page to her as a way for her light to never run out, the happiness she brought the people around her I want to share and contribute to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation so they may help people like Cora.

Thank you for your time and for listening to my story about my Superhero.

Big or small every little bit helps, so please consider donating what you can.