How do I change the text, photo or target on my page?

You can change any details on your fundraiser page by logging into your account, selecting edit page, and then editing the image, text, video or fundraising target.

How do I know when my page closes? Can I reopen or extend it?

When you set up a community fundraising page (i.e. you’re organising a unique event) you will be able to set the date for which your page will be open until. You can edit these details at any time.

If your fundraiser page is part of specific campaign i.e. an Overseas Trek, then these dates are fixed and can’t be altered. Don’t worry, we’ll always allow enough time after the event for you to finish your fundraising.

I’ve been given a cheque and cash donation offline is there any way this can be shown on my fundraising page?

You can upload any funds you’ve raised offline by logging into your account and selecting add offline donation. This will then show on your fundraising page for others to see. Please contact us to find out how to bank these offline donations.

Will my donors be emailed a receipt?

Yes, when they make a donation to your page they will automatically be emailed a tax receipt. All donations over $5 are tax deductible.

Can I see who the anonymous donations are from?

No, you aren’t able to see the name of the person who has donated if they choose to remain anonymous.

Where do the funds go?

Take a look here to see how the money you raise can make a difference.

I want to share my fundraising page on Facebook and Instagram how do I do this?

When you’re creating your page you’ll have the opportunity in the last step to share it on social media, alternatively you can copy your URL in your web browser and paste it onto your social media page.

I don’t have Instagram but I want my photos to show up on the feed

Just send your photos through to us at fundraising@nzbcf.org.nz and if we can, we’ll add them to our Instagram account so they show on the live feed.

How do I know if my donation has gone through?

You will receive an automatic tax receipt to your email once you’ve made a donation. If you don’t receive this please check your junk folder first and then contact us.

How much of my donation goes back to the charity?

100% of your donation after a small credit card processing fee (roughly $0.15) will go back to the work of The BCFNZ.

I’ve donated to a friend’s fundraiser and I’m interested to knowing more about The Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand and the work you do how do I keep in contact?

You can email us and we’ll add you to our database so you’re kept up to date.

Can people outside of New Zealand donate to my fundraising page?

Yes, we can take donations from anywhere in the world!

What happens if I want a donation to be refunded?

If a donation was made in error please email us or call 0800 902 732 with the details of the donation and the reason for a refund. Unfortunately we can’t refund any donations from an event that has been cancelled by the event organiser.

What are the facts around breast cancer in NZ?

Around 3000 women are diagnosed every year, that’s around 8 every day. The survival rate for breast cancer is good if it’s detected early. But still around 650 women die each year. Learn more.

How can I reduce my risk of breast cancer?

Start checking your breasts from your twenties and start regular mammograms from your early 40’s. Enrol with BreastScreen Aotearoa when you turn 45 for free mammograms on 0800 270 200. If you notice an unusual breast change, then show your doctor. Go easy on the alcohol as it’s a carcinogen. Keep fit and maintain a healthy body weight. If your mum or sister’s been diagnosed then share this family history with your doctor. Learn more.

How do I check my breasts?

It’s easy as touch, look, check or TLC. Touch both breasts – you’re feeling for any new lumps or thickening. Look in front of a mirror for any physical changes to the breast shape, size or nipples. Check any breast changes with your doctor – even if you’ve had a mammogram recently. Watch the TLC video here featuring Kiwi women self-checking.